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IP Video Intercom Systems

Security is the most prominent concern for residences regarding the protection of the home, family members and personal belongings. Living in close proximity to other residents, either within a high rise building or sprawling estate can heighten these concerns thus increasing the importance for an effective communication and security management system. Smart Eye Technologies offers a comprehensive communications systems for residential living that provides a stylish, easy to use system which can enhance the comfort and peace of mind for residents. The communications system provides IP Video Intercom which features high resolution video, exceptional quality audio and seamless integration to a number of lifestyle automation systems.

With the easy to use touch screen IP Video intercom in individual apartments, residents can feel safe through simple communication via audio and video to front gates and doors. Intercom monitor stations can activate gate and door relay’s to provide visitor access.

Front door is the gateway between two worlds, it is what separates and protects your own living space. The new concept of design from Smart Eye Technologies now creates new possibilities of communication between the two worlds – comprehensive comfort with greater safety along with stylistically suitable design which is much easier to use.

The system harmoniously adapts to the architecture outdoors and indoors.

System Advantages:

  • Double Channel Communication
  • Room to Room Intercom
  • Intercom Communication
  • Multi Switchboard based IP Network
  • Home Alarm Security
  • Messaging System
  • Touch Screen
  • Integrated Memory
  • SD Card Recording
  • Max.238 buildings can be connected in network
  • IP AGENT Software

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